Jesus: the truth will set you free

What is truth?

Pilate asked Jesus this question, but then turned away. He was faced with a common dilemma: to do what was right for Jesus, or what was right for himself and Rome. He knew Jesus was innocent of all charges and had declared it four times. But the Jews would revolt if Jesus was not crucified, in which case Rome would be displeased and he would lose his job. His task was to keep Jerusalem at peace. He couldn't know that Rome would destroy Jerusalem within 40 years in any case.

What would you have done? What will you do with Jesus? I hope this website helps you realise the importance of this question for you personally and helps you make the right choice.

I have studied the Bible for 50 years now and my confidence in its historical accuracy and truthfulness has never been stronger. God has a plan and you can be part of it. He isnot willing that any should perish but desires, indeed commands, all (everyone everywhere) to believe in Jesus and be 'saved'. That is, to become a citizen of the new heavens and new earth where righteousness and peace will reign.

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