Holy Scriptures

I read it daily

The Bible is the most incredible book in the world and it has been my privilege to read it daily over Rhema FM 103.5 in Orange since 1996. I invite you to listen to my reading of 1 Peter 1:6-10. If you would like to hear more, I would be pleased to send you a CD containing about 40 readings (as .mp3 files). Just indicate what portion of Scripture, as I now have daily readings the whole Scripture. Email you request to mailto:arthur@cargovale.com.au.

The readings are based on the New King James Bible as I believe this is the most accurate modern English translation, being based on the the vast majority of Greek manuscripts, affirming the continued care taken by Christian scholars since New Testament times to preserve to us the Word of God.

Why believe the Bible?

The Bible presents itself as a continuous/connected history John%21:24-25 (albiet necessarily selective) of God's dealings with man from the creation until 96 AD (60 years after Jesus returned to heaven, promising to return).

About 40 different authors wrote the words down over a period of 1500 years starting with Moses. They all wrote with authority and their writings were carefully transcribed so that even after 3000 years, there are very few passages that some might dispute as not original.

Each author wrote using official records where they did not personally witness the events, usually writing within living memory. So there has been continuous personal testimony in support of the record even though the events are now distant to us. Even so, archelogical and extant non biblical historical records continue to authenticate the accuracy of the record.

So for example, while we might think it unbelievable that Noah could build a boat 150 m long, 25 m wide and 15 m high which would stand the tremendous buffetting that occurred when the whole earth was torrentially flooded for 12 months, yet when Moses transcribed the account 800 years after it happened, no one baulked at the account because everyone knew it was true. Indeed today, the evidence remains around the world in the sedimentary rocks containing the fossils of animals and plants buried in the cataclysm.

My point is that there is nothing in the bible which can be proven wrong given the testimony of eyewitnesses of evident integrity.

An incredible book

The Bible is the most incredible book in the world.

It is the most ancient and best attested ancient document. The Dead Sea Scrolls found in 1948 show that the Old Testament Hebrew manuscripts we use today, although only 1000 years old themselves, accurately convey the text as it stood 2200 years ago.

The New Testament writers Paul, Peter and John were careful to leave behind an authorised New Testament Canon as their writings affirm, and which history indicates has been consistently recognised by Christians since the First century.

The numerous quotations and translations from the early Christian centuries confirm that Christian scholars have been no less diligent than their Jewish counterparts in accurately transmitting the Scriptures to us today.

The Scriptures contain a connected historical story culminating in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is as if a modern author wrote a family epic - yet it was written over 1600 years by 40 or so men. Each generation of writers confirms the earlier writings as they add their own.

Recognising that God has performed miracles, starting with creation in six days and culminating in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, there is nothing preposterous in the biblical record. The flood of Noah's time which destroyed the earth is globally evidenced by fossils, sedimentary rocks, coal seams, oil and gas deposits, the distribution of species around the earth, indeed no ancient archeological data or scientific data is inconsistent with the biblical record.

The Bible reveals a just and loving God who is deeply distressed with the violence of men in the earth, but who, in love sent Jesus as a Saviour before sending Him as Judge. Nevertheless, He will return to destroy those who refuse to repent and submit to His authority.

You must read this book for yourself! On the first read, some in the middle might appear a bit tedious but it is all important background to the coming of Jesus Christ. So if you are impatient, read Genesis 1-50, Exodus 1-20 and then move to the New Testament. But once you have finished the New Testament, go back to the beginning and read the whole lot. Then you will understand why Israel is so important in the world today.

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