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I was the oldest of six children, all of whom profess faith in Jesus Christ and are involved in varying degrees in a variety of churches. My mother, who receives much credit for our faith, passed away in 2003 aged 80.

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Theo Arthur Winston Smith was born 7 November 2013.
Sterling Arthur Smith was born 11 July 2008.
I married Ellen in 1972 and we have four children and seven grandchildren.
Julie-Ann, a Chemical Engineer, and Keith have four children, Poest (5 Sept 2001), Daisy (10 Jan 2003), Truli Grace born 21 January 2006 (8lb 9oz) and Sterling Arthur (11 July 2008). They live in Newcastle.
Kathleen, Kelvin, Hannah (born on 3rd September 2005 9 weeks early), Hyland (born 30 March 2007) and Theo (7 November 2013) live in northern Tasmania.
Lois is interested in community welfare and is now living in Marrickville.
Andrew is an IT specialist.

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