Cargo Vale

Cargo Vale is the name of our small holding, 40 km South West of Orange, near the village of Cargo. We purchased the property in 1995 and have since planted 100 Chestnut trees and 1100 olive trees. We trust the olives and chestnuts will become commercially viable in a few more years. We picked 160 kg of olives in 2006 and 60kg of chestnuts. In 2009 we picked 600 kg of Olives and pressed our first batch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (at Billimari Olive Processors). Cargo Vale Olives is our business trading name.

Preparing Chestnuts

We owner built a steel frame home in 2001. As a contribution to the environment, we chose to use solar power rather than be connected to the Electricity Grid. We use bottled gas for heating and cooking and for boosting the solar hot water system. House water is collected from the roof and stored in a 23,000 gallon tank. We have recently installed an 8m high water tank to supply water under gravity pressure to the house as the solar power system has trouble in winter providing sufficient power for a water pressure pump.

Parvarni visited in October 2005.

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