ASReml centred consulting


Arthur is retired from NSW Department of Primary Industries on 15th January 2009 after 41 years service. He is retiring as a Principal Research Scientist, (CV) which position recognises his contribution to the statistical analysis of many forms of biological data by the development of ASReml. Arthur wrote and maintained the code for ASReml from 1996 to 2008, he undertook consultancies for various groups training scientists in the use of ASReml to analyse their data.

Arthur continues to maintain and develop and support ASReml which is now owned by VSN International and is available under license. Support requests may be submitted through VSN or directly.

Private consultant

Arthur is available as a private statistical consultant in the general area of biometry, specialising in plant and animal breeding, linear mixed models and the fitting of models in ASReml.

Email enquires to Consultancy rates will be negotiated taking into account, among other things, the commercial opportunities of the client and their ability to pay. The top rate applicable to major private corporations matches that previously charged by NSW DPI for Dr Gilmour's services ($265 per hour).

Consultancy may be by email or in person. All costs associated with visiting the client are to be met by the client including $30 per day incidentals per deim.

Arthur is available to conduct courses in the use of ASReml, and workshops on its application to particular plant and animal breeding problems.

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