Answers to Queries about using ASReml

The following answers were written in response to queries by users.
  • They should be interpreted in association with the User's Guide.
  • To the extent that they discuss statistical issues, the viewpoint presented
  • is that of the auther. Other views may be valid.
  • The answers should not be construed as recommending or approving any particular
  • analysis.

    Running ASReml

    How can I process a pin file with ASReml-W?
    How can I concatenate output from a series of models?

    Model fitting

    How do I change the convergence criterion?


    Prediction with missing cells


    Heritability from Random Regression models
    Standard Error of Heritability

    Variance modelling

    Can ASReml calculate Dominance?
    Singularity in AI matrix for simple animal model
    Understanding units + ARxAR error models


    What does AS in ASReml mean?

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